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Why are women sharing their underwear on social media #ThisIsNotConsent


Ireland's MP Ruth Copinger has started a protest with waving their underwear in the parliament.

In protest, womens of that country are posting photos of their underwear on social media. Women are tweeting pictures of their underwear with #thisIsNotConsent. According to the news of media, rallies are being organized across the country. Recently there was a woman leader in the Parliament blown their black underwear in the air.

She has filed her protest by screaming underwear. In order to oppose the mentality of 'blaming the victim', Ireland's parliamentarian Ruth Coppierre had come with a blue-colored lace underwear in the parliament. She protested strongly against showing the underwear of the victim during the trial and said, "we have to think that when a woman's underwear was shown in the court, then how would she have felt?" On the other hand, this unique protest from women across the country has now become the subject of discussion.

This protest of women is related to the case of a rape in Cork, South-West Ireland. In which the attorney's lawyer told the jury that the 17 year old complainant had wore a strange innerwear. The lawyer told the jury while defending his client that the underwear of the woman is responsible for the incident of rape because after seeing the innerwear, the accused carried out such an incident with her.

Women are angry about this matter:-

Women politicians have also moved from parliament to road to protest against this incident. People say, whether a woman can not wear underwear of her choice. After this, the women of Ireland started sharing the underwear photo on social media to register their protest.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar also said that this issue is a matter of concern for the people of the country. It is being considered how to put a bridle on these type of incidents.

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