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HIV Test will be detected on mobile phones with affordable price now

By this method, the cost of a test is less than 5 dollars (362 rupees)

Now HIV testing will be done through mobile phones. The team of some researchers has created a cheap and portable diagnostic tool, which can be used on the phone. By combining cellophane and nano technology, this tool will detect HIV virus and will take care of its response.

HIV virus attacks the patient's health cells and damages his immune system. It is difficult to control this virus. Even today, the disease remains deadly But the point of treatment comes only when these viruses come in the grip. The cure becomes easier after the virus gets in the right time.

According to a paper published in Nature Communications, some investigators from the US Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston have created this cellphone-powered tool. Hadi Shafi, who was associated with this project, said, "This cheap can detect a small infection, which will reduce the risk of spreading the virus. It can also be done to find out how effective any treatment is on any patient.

Typically, a diagnostic diagon is very costly and requires a polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

With the help of nano technology, microchip, cellphone and 3D-printed phone attachments, Shafi and his colleagues together made a tool that can detect viruses with only one drop of blood. The discovery of HIV virus by moving the beads inspired by DNA becomes easy for this device. It does not need big and expensive tools. Researchers say that these platforms detect 99.1 percent of HIV in solidarity and 94.6 percent accurately, within 1 hour of 1000 ppm.

This method costs less than $ 5 ($ 362) for a test.

Shafi said that the health workers can take this device along with anywhere and can use them when needed. So they will get quick results. His lead author, Mohammed Shehata Draz, said that we will be able to discover more and more different viruses from this device.

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