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why Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam did not marry, click to know

                        Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who took an oath as the 11th President of india and contributed immensely to the Pokhran nuclear test. He has made a very significant contribution to the security sector of India and he has also worked with respected honorable astronomer Vikram Sarabhai but today we share an interesting story about him.

Let's know why they did not marry:-
Abdul Kalam was a man of great personality and he dedicated his entire life to science and did not marry. There are many stories related to him in the life of Abdul Kalam, one of which is when he was giving lectures about Youth's contribution in the world on February 2006, after a lecture, a student asked him a question, The student said - "Sir why did you not get married, Did you not find a good partner?

That was a Amazing moment, after being silent for some time, Kalam Sir said that "I hope all of you people get a good life partner",  the atmosphere became humorous. After analyzing it later, a newspaper wrote that once talking on his marriage, Abdul Kalam had said, "If i got married then i was notable to achieve these things and did not contribute for the country so that i have not married"

Kalam  was no longer and he died on the evening of July 27, 2015, but we can still talk about his affection and patriotism towards the youth. Another thing about Abdul Kalam is that he was very sensitive about human life and he used to say that we have no right to take any person's life because God has given it. This is the reason why he took only 2 decision on mercy petitions. Later, during an interview he told that the toughest moment for any President, when they take decision on mercy petitions.

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