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Tinder is not only a dating site now, Escort parties are new trend on Tinder!

Tinder is not only a dating site now, Escort parties are new trend on Tinder!

Did you hear the name of the Escort party? Probably not. Tinder will know! If you feel that meeting with new people online or through an app is a new trend, then wait a second, there is a new trend in big cities. Now people directly meet with strangers in party through tinder and share many things that are not shared often with  friends.
Escort party's mantra is "Party with the strangers". such parties are organised in Malviyanagar, Vasantkunj, Saket and Hauzkhas. Occasionally these parties also occur in other areas of Delhi-NCR.

What is Escort party:-
You have to fill a form through the Escort website, facebook page etc. Many details are taken. in this process Your social media behavior and all other things are tested. After this you will get calls or msg Every weekend for parties.The cost of joining a party is between 1000 and 1500. In return you will get food and alcohol (without any restriction). The party runs from 5 to 5 in the morning. The proportion of boys in the group approximately 5 to 6.

Is it safe?
Staying in stranger house all night in the city of Delhi is safe? We asked the same question to all the girls involved in the party. They said that a little bit of fear was felt but the advent of the adventure was more than that. Speaking to the host of the party, she told that at least one person is in every party from Escort's side. His job is to keep an eye on the people and the party's zeal. The host is told a few things, If someone drinks excessively  then he or she is separated for the rest. Most cases are sorted out like this, even after the situation does not improve then they sent back from the party.

How popular are these parties:-
This trend is new, the participating section is not very big But this trend will soon be seen in every major city in the country because In the big city, it is easy to get lost in the crowd by hiding identity next day. There are mostly people coming out from outside whose roots are not easy to find. Maybe a girl drinking beer in the hotpants in the party might be her daughter's colleague.

A Escorter  tells another aspect of these parties. People who teach things such as salsa, yoga, wine testing, or people like painting professionals also join such parties and host them. There are 15 to 20 people in a party. From the people who came to this party, we asked them about their experience. Almost everyone had said that they are feeling great. People were dancing with strange people. Hugging each other (both in the same and opposite sex), But after that hardly anyone remembered each other.

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