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Shah Rukh Khan is trolling on posting a photo of Ganpati celebration, click to know full story

Shah Rukh Khan is trolling on posting a photo of Ganpati celebration

Shahrukh Khan is said to be a supporter of all religions because her wife Gauri is a Hindu. Recently when Shahrukh Established Lord Ganapati statue in his house on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, then the alleged religious persons started cracking down on Shahrukh.

Question on Shah Rukh's Ganapati establishment:-

The atmosphere in Shahrukh Khan's house is very different Because Gauri and his children worship God in the house according to the beliefs of Hinduism, while Shah Rukh believe in Allah But Shahrukh treats all religions equal. Most recently, he had established Lord Ganesha at home. In front of the Bappa statue, Shah Rukh's younger son Abiram was praying. Sharing this picture on social media site, Shahrukh had written, 'Our Ganpati Bappa is in the house, because my little calls  him.' Some people started trolling on Shahrukh's post. One wrote, 'It is wrong, you are a Muslim, then why do you celebrate Ganapati's day?' One another asked, is it right for them to worship an idol?

Fatwa was released on Shah Rukh Khan after Dahi-Handi celebration:-

Let us tell you that before this, Shahrukh Khan had celebrated Dahi-Handi festival with his wife Gauri, son Abiram and Fans at his house in Mumbai. Whose pictures Shahrukh posted on social media After posting this photo, the Ulemas had termed it as "illegitimate" in Shariat and Haram in Islam.

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