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Salman Khan's very angry on Priyanka Chopra, said she called arpita 1000 times for work in 'India', Click to know the reason!

Salman Khan's very angry on Priyanka Chopra, said she called arpita 1000 times for work in 'India'!

Priyanka Chopra had recently leaved Salman Khan's film 'India, After which the news going viral in media that salman khan got angry on priyanka chopra. In this case, Salman Khan has now talked openly in this matter. In a recent interview to the Bombay Times, Salman Khan has expressed his angry reaction on priyanka chopra over leaving  film 'India'. Salman Khan said, "Priyanka had a reason to do this film" and only problem was that the project was stuck. If we had known earlier we would have already made preparations.

Salman Khan said, "Priyanka was getting married, I said to her, if you are getting married then why there is a need to leave the film? On this matter, Priyanka said that I have to get married then i said that, "you get married first". Priyanka's work in the film was only for 75 to 80 days. And marriage takes 4 days to get married.

Talking about Priyanka's film signing, Salman said that he called my sister Arpita 1000 times and said I want to work with Salman. He also called the film's director Ali Abbas Zafar And said that if there is  role for me in the film then cast me.
Now after this I do not know why she left the film. There are two reasons  either marriage or she doesn't want to work with me And of course, now it can also happen that she doesn't want to work in Bollywood industry now just want to work in Hollywood only.

This style of Salman Khan is rarely seen when he blows openly to anyone. Recently, during the launch of his show Big Boss, Salman said  in sarcastic way that Priyanka is very good; she said 5 days before the shooting that she does not want to work with me But Salman Khan also replaced priyaka Chopra and gave offer to Katrina kaif.

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