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Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali's cute love story

Sachin Tendulkar & his wife Anjali Mehta's cute love story

Everyone knows Sachin Tendulkar in india. The life of the greatest cricket player, who receives the highest civilian honor in the country, is very inspiring in itself and tells you that if you work hard in life then you can achieve everything. If we talk about Sachin's personal life, questions about his marriage also arise. You also know that he has been married to Anjali Mehta but do you know about his love story, if not, then let's know

Sachin Tendulkar married Anjali Mehta, who is originally from Gujarat, on May 24, 1995. At that time, Tendulkar was only 22 years old and Anjali was six years older than him. Anjali was the child's doctor by the profession. He met Sachin in the year 1990. By that time Sachin had made a mark in the cricket world and there were millions of fans across the country, who loved him.

They met at that time when Sachin Tendulkar was coming back to India by playing matches from England. The first meeting was held at Mumbai International Airport only. Anjali had gone to the airport to receive her mother. Although it is not known how much truth is there, it is said that Sachin Tendulkar fall in love with her after the first meeting. Later, through his common friend, he had a lot of meetings with anjali.  Both had taken their careers in different areas but their careers did not obstruct their love story. Sachin Tendulkar, who is shy of nature, has never mentioned this to his mother.

After his marriage, it was reported in the media that Anjali himself had taken a relationship proposal in Sachin's house. Once she went to Sachin's house to become a fake journalists. At that time the media was not as active as it is today, so the romance continued about five years before marriage but nobody publicly knew about it. Finally, after Sachin Tendulkar's five-year romance, they got engaged in New Zealand in 1994, the news of his affair came to the media and in 1995, at the age of twenty-two, Sachin got tied in marriage. After marriage, Anjali left her career so that she can handle her family in the best possible way. Talking to Sachin about this, he said that "because of being a doctor, he had very good opportunities and he could do his best in his career but he left his career for me and my family so that I can continue to play well. "Now, Sachin is the father of two children Sara and Arjun and he has retired from all forms of cricket on November 16, 2016.

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