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Now take selfie with the Milky Way and the Stars by NASA's unique mobile app

Now take selfie with the Milky Way and the Stars by NASA's unique mobile app.

we dream of going into space and dreaming of taking a picture in the background of the stars and stars, NASA has made it possible to make this dream true in a great way.

If you want to go into space and want to draw your photo in the background of all the stars and think that this is not the case, then it is not possible. So let us know that NASA has launched two special virtual reality mobile apps through which the users will be able to stand in front of all the shocking locations of the universe such as stars and galaxies and take selfies.

Launch of 'NASA Selfies' and 'Exopant Excursions Virtual Reality App':
NASA has launched two types of mobile apps to celebrate the 15th anniversary of NASA's Space Telescope 'Spitzer' launch. With the first selfie app, users will be able to take their unique and startling selfies by standing in front of stars and galaxies. Apart from 'Exoptance Exchanges' virtual reality app, you can create large background sized backgrounds in your TRAPPIST-1 solar system that is similar to our solar system. NASA's mobile app will truly fulfill the dream of those who want to see themselves among spectacular displays of space.

Selfie will also be able to take space suit:
In this NASA application you can take your selfie by wearing space suites such as space suits. Yes, for this, NASA's selfie app has given a great virtual environment. In the NASA's selfie app, 'Spitzer' will be able to take user selfies at the background of 30 stunning photos of the space taken by the telescope. Including the shocking pictures of the universe from the Orion Nebula to the center of the galaxy. Taking a picture with such a great and intimidating look will prove to be a heart-breaking experience.

You will Information about every space location:
All the photos that were available in NASA-launched mobile apps were taken by the 'Spitzer' telescope. NASA has given its users the opportunity to take selfie on space locations not only through their apps, but also provided many important and shocking information about every particular space location. So what are you looking for, go and take selfie.

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