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Michael Jackson made 2500 acres of world like Jannat, is outside the budget of billionaires!

 Michael Jackson made 2500 acres of world like Jannat, is outside the budget of billionaires!

If Hollywood's popular and controversial pop star Michael Jackson was among us today, celebrate his 60th birthday. Michael Jackson also collected lots of headlines about Controversy in addition to his songs and dance. Michael's death still remains a mystery.

About Michael, Fans has heard many good and bad stories. Today we show you pictures of the house where Michael Jackson used to be. This house will still be outside the budget of a billionaire. The name of Michael Jackson's house is Neverland.

This house is empty at this time. After the demise of this pop king in 2009, his house has not been able to buy any. This house of Michael is in the French Normandy style. Spread over 2698 acres of Michael, this house is in Los Angeles.

The luxurious house of Michael has 6 bedrooms, pool houses, 3 guest houses, tennis courts. It has 4 acres of small lake and waterfalls. At the same time, 5500 squire feet has theater and stage.

In 2006, the house cost 7 billion rupees. At the same time, Michael has an old house nearby. The price of this house is 4 billion rupees in the real estate market. Michael also bought the property in Santa Barbara County, California in 1987.

Its name was named Neverland. In 2005, Michael was accused of sexually assaulting his property, after which this property was seized. Michael bought this property with a loan.

In 2008, on Michael, this property was worth 1 billion, which he could not repay. After Michael's death in 2009, this property was purchased for the Colony Capital for one and a half billion rupees.

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