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Government has created online game to save children from 'Blue Whale' and 'Momo Challenge'

Government has created this online game to prevent cyber crime against childrens.

The government has launched a gaming application to face cyber crime incidents against children due to dangerous game like 'Blue Whale' and 'Momo Challenge'. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights said that there will be a set of questions in the 'Cyber ​​Trivia' app and children will receive points based on their answers.

Kids will learn cyber security methods in this game:-

A member of NCPCR said, "Through this, children will be taught in a fun way that if a stranger is on the internet or they ask for a photograph, or they ask for work, in such a situation what should be done.' According to him, due to the challenges of 'Blue Whale' and 'Momo Challenge', this game has been created to stop the growing cases of children's suicides.

Jain said, "Children are much smarter than their parents these days but They can not understand the dangers of the cyber world. This game can help to teach them about it. That's why we created this game. The Blue Whale and Momo Challenge were the cause of suicide of many children across world as well as in India.

Will also be available on App Stores soon:-

According to the government issued news, in these games, the producers find people who are in depression and send them invitations to join them. Then an unknown group admin gives the task to the selected players who have to complete during a period.

The player can't stop playing after starting the game.  Players are blackmailed and they are intimidated to complete the game. At the end of this game they have to commit suicide. "Cyber ​​Trivia" has been launched to deal with these dangerous games. Jain said, 'It will be made available on App Store soon.'

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