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GaribRath Train is going to stop forever :- bad news for the common man

GaribRath Train is going to stop forever :- bad news for the common man.

The Indian Railway's GaribRath Express, which started in 2005, will stop from next month and decided to run the 'HamSafar' Express train.

The passengers who enjoy the AC in less money on the train will be shocked, Because Indian Railways has now decided to stop the GaribRath Express and replace with the Hamsafar Express train.This train will be closed from next month But this railway decision will increase the load on your pocket. According to the order of Railway Board, South India and Northern Zone offices have been asked to stop booking the GaribRath Express trains from September 29.

GaribRath Express booking will not be after this month:-
Garibrath Express will not be run after this month. Railways have decided to close the GaribRath Express on the Delhi-Chennai route first. After this, gradually the operation of the Garibrath Express will be stopped on the remaining routes and the new train will be run. The railway will replace the Garibrath Express with the new premium train 'Hamsafar' Express with state-of-the-art facilities.

                        Garbrath Express

Launch of GaribRath Express by Lalu Prasad Yadav in 2005:-
Former railway minister Lalu Prasad launched the operation of GaribRath Express in the year 2005. Passengers traveling in this train are allowed to travel in less money than normal mail, express trains or three tier coaches But the railway's new decision will make the operations of the Garibrath Express history now and passengers will have travel by paying more fare in Hamsafar Express.

                           Hamsafar Express

Fare will be double:-
In the absence of the Garibrath, the decision of the operation of Hamsafar Express is going to get the trouble for passengers Because the rent of Ham safar Express is almost double than the Garib rath. Hamsafar Express is the premium train of Railways, which is higher in comparison to the normal mail or express trains, and this train has a flexive fare system of railway Because of this after booking 50% of the train seats, fare increases by 10% on booking additional seats. On the journey of  Hamsafar Express, one passenger will have to pay 2 thousand rupees for rent instead of one thousand rupees. Take the example of the current Garibrath Express on the Delhi-Chennai route, so if you travel by this train, passengers will have to pay Rs 1380, while the fares for Hamsafar Express from Delhi to Chennai will start from Rs 2050. If a traveler makes a ticket booking under the Flexi Fair system, then he will have to pay more.

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