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Arbaaz khan and his rumoured girlfriend Georgia seen together in Mumbai!

Arbaaz-Georgia, seen in an event in Mumbai, looking amazing with each other.

Arbaaz khan and his rumoured girlfriend Georgia seen together in Mumbai!

Arbaaz Khan is in the news about his affair. His name is now being associated with the overseas bala Georgia Andriani. Both have been spotted multiple times together. Once again they have been spotted together. Both of them looked at their hands in hand.

Arbaz-Georgia spotted together:-
This is not the first time Arbaaz Khan and his rumoured girlfriends Georgia Adriani have been spotted together. More recently, both of them were seen together in an event in Mumbai. Both of them looked hands-on in each other's hands. Eeveryone's eyes are stoped on foreigner girl Georgia. During this event, he was wearing a very hot dress. In which he looked very beautiful Both were already avoiding accepting their relationship but they are coming out openly this time.

Said goodbye to 18 years of marriage:-
Let me tell you, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora got separated after 18 years of marriage. After this, Arbaaz, turned his love car to Georgia and Malika is  in love with Arjun Kapoor this time.


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