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An anonymous article printed on the trump has rattled the entire US!

An anonymous article printed on the trump has rattled the entire US!

The 'New York Times' is America's largest newspapers. It started in 1851 I.e.  167 year old newspaper. On September 5, 2018, New York Times published an article on their  page. The name of the writer was missing. The newspaper said, these articles were sent by a senior officer involved in the Trump administration. The Writer has written that the people inside the Trump administration, senior staff members are trying to thwart the trump schemes. The author says that these efforts will continue till the Trump does not leave the Presidential Office. The newspaper says that if the name of the person writing the article is given, then his job will be gone. That is why his identity has been hidden.

Is the situation in the US so bad?
A lengthy debate has begun on this non-identifying open-add article. Is America's situation has become so bad that people are scared to tell their voice there? He also a senior officer of the Trump Administration? Are the circumstances so bad that the people of the Trump government are trying to remove them inside? Are they trying to thwart their own presidential decisions? Some are saying, the New York Times printed this article and corrected them. Some are criticizing it, Some are saying that if the person who wrote the author had identified himself, then the effect would have been more. Some say that if the closest allies, consultants and senior officials of Trump think that the President is not fit for that post, then they have the legal and constitutional methods to understand Trump's ability to hide 'sources' in the news from White House.

Why should we read the article written for the President of the United States?
Like America, India's biggest identity is democracy. America is the oldest democracy. India is the largest democracy. After independence, one of the countries that created our Constitution to make our system was one of America. We have learned freedom of expression. Have learned the democratic values. That is why we should know that what is written in the entire article on which the whole world including the US are ?

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