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US Army gets mug-shaped young detective drone, its features will make every enemy in trouble!

In the case of electronic surveillance and satellite monitoring all over the world, America is termed number one. Further to this point, the United States is going to give its troops a tiny but very powerful detective drone, whose properties will shake every enemy.

The thermal imaging firm Flir has made a $ 2.6 million deal with the US Army. According to which this company will provide many Black Hornet Nano drones to the US Army. Delimel's report is telling that it is a small moth or insect in the drone, but this flyer is exactly like helicopter. You must have seen a helicopter like a helicopter in childhood, so believe that this spy drone is exactly the same size, but its features are shocking.

The small Hornet Nano drone battle field will be built in the small but powerful:

The report of the Senate website says that the latest version of the Black Hornet Nano Drone series is that Black Hornet 3 is going to meet the US Army. The weight of this Nano drone is only 32 grams. Despite being so small in size, this drone can be able to monitor and spy all kinds of flying at a speed of 21 kilometers per hour, in a 2 km area. In the tremendous surveillance area of ​​the radar, this tiny drone can easily track the entire battlefield, without any hesitation.

flying hightech camera can do the best monitor like a helicopter:

Delimel told that this drone works like a small helicopter, which can operate any army with the help of a remote. The Nano Drool has a thermal micro camera which provides very clear images even in low light and haze. The footage coming from its camera can be seen by the soldiers on a tablet-sized display in real time. This will prove effective in the strategy of soldiers in the battlefield. According to the company making it, they have so far provided such drones to 30 countries around the world in Australia and France.

It can be flown on the palm:

This tiny drone is really so small in size that any soldier can hide it in his small pocket. And then it can fly or landed on its palm. A remote-driven dragon can be blown from anywhere and then it can be transported in the fixed area and transported to the flyer.

In order to teach artificial intelligence and machine learning program to its soldiers, US military has decided to take this young drone. By the way, you have come to know that America is not the first country to buy this ninja and best detective drone. Even before this, almost 30 countries of the world are using similar drones. By the way, one thing is certainly coming to our heart that our soldiers, who are protecting the borders of India, should also have such drones, so that their war skills should not be less than any army in the world.

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