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The blood of this person saved lives of 2.4 million children,you will be amazed after knowing the reason!😯

You can feel very awkward and startled to hear this, how can a person save his life from millions of children with his own blood? But in the case of Australia's James Harrison, this is absolutely true. Only then millions of children thank them for their life. What is such a special thing in James's blood?

According to science, three life can be saved from a blood donation made by a healthy person, or say that plasma donation can save 18 lives, but the 81-year-old veteran of Australia, James Harrison Throughout life, nearly 2.4 million children have saved their lives. The Sydney Morning Herald ( said in its report that behind this miracle there is a specialty of their blood, which is very rare in the whole world. There is a special kind of unique antibody present in James's blood, which is known as anti-D. This antibody gives all the children who are in the womb to fight against brain damage or dangerous anemia with fatal anemia (HDN). In that case, millions of children in Australia who died in the womb of blood donation from James's blood donation, but today they are living a healthy life.

James has done 1173 times blood donation in the past 60 years:
It is also a shocking figure that this person donated his blood almost 1200 times in his life. Many times, James, who donated blood, did not do this by weakness, but he found happiness that is difficult to utter in words.

Throughout Australia, every Dose of Anti-D antibody drug is made up of James's blood:
In the 1960s when anti-D antibodies were first discovered, this disease, called SDM, swallowed thousands of children every year before they were born in Australia. According to doctors, when a blood group of Rh, who is pregnant with Rh negative blood group, is Rh positive, then such a disease arises, due to which the child born in the womb, misadventures of the womb, brain damage and dangerous anemia The reason was that he died. According to, for the first time, scientists discovered that if a woman with Rh negative group is given the dose of RhD immunoglobulin antibody, then this antibody maintains it healthy without harming the child. James Harrison has been blessed with the same, that his blood has rare connection of RhD-negative and Rh + antibodies. Only then is he an Ideal Donor for the treatment of SDM disease. According to the Red Cross Blood Service in Australia, since the year 1964, James's life has saved nearly 24 million babies in the womb.

James Harrison made the last Blood Donate this Friday:
If any pregnant woman in Australia, whose child is suffering from SDM disease, would not want James to donate her blood, but according to doctors, Mr. Harrison has already completed his blood donation agenda. Now if blood donation is done even further than this, it can prove to be very harmful for their body. The last time James Harrison, who came to a blood donation in a hospital in Australia, was surrounded by all the women. All of them had their children in the lap which were saved alive by the help of antibodies donated by James. James Harrison is also sad that he can no longer donate his blood, yet he is very happy about this and he becomes very emotional by thinking that because of him millions of unborn children of the country are right Can come into the world.

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