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scientists did a experiment so space scientist can grow and eat vegetables themselves!

The scientists who can do every thing forhuman beings. scientists have done that work, due to which they have grown vegetables in the space and hoped to eat them.

Broccoli with good bacteria sent in space to grow fresh green vegetables in space:
Recently, in a spacecraft sent by the US, scientists have sent some seeds of popular green vegetable broccoli. These 6 seeds sent are equipped with many good bacteria. The purpose of sending them in space is that in the coming time, the astronauts living on the International Space Station, which is the ISS, can produce fresh green vegetables for their food at the same time. The US Space Agency has sent these seeds of broccoli in Orbital ATK Cygnus Spacruck last week. These seeds of broccoli have been coated with good bacteria of two species to make germity and grow in a completely different environment. So that they can grow faster than normal and grow better.

In future also try to grow vegetables on Mars and moon:
Scientists are hoping that by sending broccoli seeds in space, there will be some right way to grow vegetables at ISS in the space environment. It is believed that if everything is okay then Astronauts will not only succeed at the International Space Station but also succeed in growing fresh green vegetables on Mars and on your moon. Explain that special bacteria were discovered in Washington University to coagulate good bacteria on these seeds of broccoli. These bacteria will be free within the planted plant and will help the plant grow faster.

Why the broccoli?
Scientists say that it is a great dietary supplement to send broccoli vegetable seeds in space, which can help astronauts during long spell missions. Not only this, there is also a virtue that also prevents cancer from producing human body.

High school students will teach something new:
The brain behind this research related to growing vegetables in space is the brainchild of the children of class 10th in a California school. Scientists have sent these seeds of vegetable in space, based on the research project of the children of Valley Christian High School, about how vegetables can be grown in an adverse environment like low gravity spaces. After reaching the ISS, from planting the seeds to the height of it, automatic cameras will monitor these plants every day and will give data to the school project people.

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