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Now you can fly drone from 1 December But not allowed to delivering foods.

Now you can fly drone from 1 December But not allowed to delivering foods.

The government has allowed the use of drones in areas like agricultural health and calamity relief from December 1. But the food items will not be delivered till now.

According to the drone policy, the operation of private drones will be done only in the day. Appropriation of commercial use of drone technology has only been allowed to fly as far as possible. Generally, the reach of the eye is up to 450 meters. Registration of all the drones except Nano Drones and National Technical Research Organizations and Central Intelligence Agencies would be mandatory. After registration, special identification number (UIN) will be issued. The drone is not allowed to fly around the airport, near the international border, near the coast line, even in the state secretariat premises.
Drones will not be able to fly at these places
Apart from this, tactical bases, important military installations and the capital can not be blown around Vijay Chowk. While making the rules public, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu said, "Our progressive regulations will encourage India's manufacturing of drones. Things like Kerala can be managed well. In the coming years, the drone market is expected to reach a trillion dollar. According to the rules, the drone can be used to take photographs at the wedding ceremony. With the introduction of the dron and the permission to fly will be taken through the 'Digital Sky Platform'.

Not allowed to carry food items:

It will be connected to the local police and it is the first digital system that will work on 'Not Permissioned Flight' system. Local police permission is not mandatory for Nano drones who weighing 250 grams and flying up to 50 feet. Micro drones flying up to 200 feet and small drones flying up to 450 feet or more will be required to get a police permit. An official statement said that no drone will be able to fly without a digital permit to prevent unauthorized flights and ensure public safety. Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha said that food and beverages are not allowed to be taken. However simultaneously indicated that in the second set of rules, their delivery may be allowed on the basis of the test results. He said that drone can be used for agricultural purposes, but unless it is clear, pesticides can not be sprayed. Explosives, animals and humans also will not be allowed to carry them. There is also provision for suspension, fines and punishment of licenses under different sections of IPC on breaking rules related to drones. The government has identified 23 such sites across the country where the drone can be used. The drone task force will present a draft of Drone Regulation 2.0 soon.

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