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NASA is searching for the best treatment for cancer by doing this strong research station.

NASA is searching for the best treatment for cancer by doing this strong research station.

NASA Laboratory

Many types of treatments and techniques are used for cancer treatment in the world But to make cancer treatment even more effective, NASA is experimenting with experiments and experiments in space several hundred miles away from Earth.

You must have heard about the research related to the treatment of serious diseases in all the medical labs on earth, but this time there is a research related to cancer treatment in the world that floats in space hundreds of miles away from Earth. Is being done at the International Space Station (ISS).

ISS is running on human blood cells for months with experiments:
According to NASA, he is doing a test related to cancer research at the International Space Station, which is being experimented on some special cells of human blood. In order to make cancer treatment more effective and effective. NASA has released a video of the ISS regarding this cancer research being done in space, in which the main scientist of the project 'Serena Honon Chancellor' seems to be experimenting. According to NASA, this research is being carried out in micro-gravity environments located at Astronaut Space Station.

Micro Gravity Environment of Space is Special for Tests:
According to NASA, Serena had gone to the space station earlier this year. He will spend the next few months doing this research there. During this time, he is doing tests on endothelial cells present in the blood. NASA says that the micro gravity present at the Endothelial Cells Space Station behaves in something the same way, as if they were working in the blood vessels of any living-awake body on Earth. suggests that the effect of this micro-gravity effect is that due to this, it can be tested to see whether the natural effects of chemotherapy are on those cells.

These amazing research happening on blood cells after chemotherapy:
According to NASA, a lot of containers have been sent to the International Space Station to do this huge cancer research in Micro Gravity. In which endothelial cells are present. Explain that all these cells have been chemotherapy at different levels on the earth. With the improvement of cancer treatment on the basis of this research, new models of medical research can also be discovered in the future.

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