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Momo Challenge, Life of children is in danger, government warns the parent

Momo Challenge, Life of children is in danger, government warns the parent

If the person who playing the game, does not meet the challenge then it is warned to suffer severe consequences.

'Momo Challenge' is causing the death of children from games around the world. This is a suicide game that many people have lost their lives in the roundabout to complete the challenge. The challenge to give life to those who reach the final stage of this game is given. If a person playing the game does not meet the challenge, then he is warned to suffer severe consequences. Due to the play of this game in India, the case of death of 2 people has been revealed and in many states the police has issued advisory on this matter.

According to the information, this game was first started on Facebook. Then people were asked to talk to the unknown person through phone. The game link was broadcast via WhatsApp. The case of death first appeared in Argentina, where a 12 year old girl had suicides by playing the game. There are many dangerous features in this game and the big-eyed dangerous doll attracts people. This doll was prepared by a Japanese artist.

To play this game, on social media, such people are searched for a tendency to ride. Cyber ​​experts say that do not accept any kind of challenge and keep your children away from this game. If an invoice of such a challenge comes from an unknown number, then block it. However, now the government is taking this issue seriously and has issued a list of what to do and what not to do.

The government says that pay attention to the online responses of their children and find out about their mental condition. If there is any kind of change in the child's Internet and social media, then be alerted immediately. If the child suddenly gets annoyed or is always depressed and most of the time is online, then he may be in the trap of the Momo Challenge.

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