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Learn What Is Internal Stability & How can I find it?

Question: You explained internal stability to the dimension of inner silence,Please have compassion for explaining the internal stability from any other dimension?

There are many dimensions of stability. One is silence: this is the opposite pole of the sound. It does not have to be sound. The second dimension is the non-motion is the opposite of the motion. The mind is a speed like the mind is a sound. Sound travels and mind too The mind keeps on running, without stopping at all. You can not think of the mind again. There is no such thing, because there is no mind when stability, steadyness occurs. When there is a mind, there is speed too. So what is the speed of the mind? Through it we can think of the second dimension of stability: A-motion. Externally, we know what the meaning of motion means: Going from one place to another: Reaching from one place to another, reaching from 'A' to 'B'. If you are in 'A' place, and then you move to 'B' place, then speed is moving. So the speed outside the mind means that going from one place to another in the space in space. If there is no empty space, then you can not walk. You need space to walk out, empty space.

Mind does this in these two situations

The inner speed is not in the free space but in time. If there is no time, then you can not go inside. Time in the inner sky: from one second to the second second, from this day to that day; From here onwards, from now on, you move in time from time to time. The time is the inner sky. Analyze your mind, and you will see that from the past, the future or the future are moving in the past or you are moving in the memories of the past, and are either running in the desires of the future. When you go past from the past to future or future, then only you use the present moment, but just like a path.

Is not present for the mind

For the present mind, there is only a dividing line of past and future. There is no real present for the mind, it does not exist. It's just a splitting line, from where you are unable to be in the past or future. Understand It. You are currently unable to speed. There is currently no time The present is always a moment. You are never in two moments ever. Only you have a moment always. You can not go from 'A' to 'B' because only 'A' happens. There is no 'B'.

The mind never uses the present

Realize this quality of time, the present, that you always have a moment. Whether you are a beggar who is begging on the road and whether it is the emperor, it does not make any difference. Your time's worth is the same. There is only one moment at a time and you can not enter it, there is no place where it can be found and the mind is always found in motion, so the mind never uses the present. He can not do it She goes back in the past. There are many points where speed can be made. There is a long memory, all your past is present there. Or he goes into the future. Then you can imagine because the future is also essentially a projection of the past.

You have lived, you have had many experiences. You wish to get them again or you want to avoid them. This is your future. You have loved someone, and he was beautiful, was blissful. Then you will want to do it again, so you will launch that you do not get sick in the future, so your future is only your projected past, and you can move in the future. But the mind is not satisfied with the future of this life. He also launches heaven, he imagines future life. He is not satisfied with a minor in the future, so he creates time even after death. Past and future are very big territory. You can speed them up easily. You can not move with the current. The meaning of non-motion is the attack, currently being The second dimension of the same stability is. If you can stay in the moment, now and here, then you will become stable.


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